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If you see "Blackjack pays 2 to 1", that's good news for you. This doesn't happen often anymore becauseBut in case you do stumble upon a casino like this, make the most of it. Basic Strategy.Insurance confuses a lot of people, but basically all it means is that you are insuring yourself against... Blackjack Insurance strategy // Blackjack Go through blackjack economics, which explain why cards fall the way they do, and what makes a good (and a sucker) bet.The probability of finding a 10 under the dealer’s ace is less than 1 in 3 (about 31 percent), but insurance pays only 2 to 1. It works out to a house edge of about 7 percent. Blackjack Insurance - Should you take Insurance whilst… Insurance pays off 2 to 1. For example, if you originally bet $10, and the Dealer has shown an Ace up, you could bet up to $5 in the insurance semicircle.If the dealer does not have a ten as the face down card, you lose your $5 and play on; the hand continues in the normal fashion. A quick guide to playing the blackjack game If the dealer does have blackjack your insurance bet will be payed at 2-1 and you will lose your original bet.One of the nice things about blackjack is the ability to increase your bets in mid-hand if you feel you have a good opportunity to win.

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Two Casinos Just Made A Tiny Rule Change That Massively Hurts Blackjack Players. In this case, the standard payout, and the old rule at the Venetian and Palazzo, is 3-to-2. This means that if someone bets $10, they will win $15 when getting a blackjack. Now, at blackjack tables at the Venetian and Palazzo, the payout for a blackjack has been reduced to 6-to-5; that $10 now just wins $12 instead of $15. What Is The Insurance in Blackjack And Why It’s a Scam According to the official MENSA Guide to Casino Gambling, for the insurance to be an even bet, one in every three cards must be a 10.Now, in case you are not good with numbers - that's not what happens in Blackjack, where there's one 10 every 3.25 cards. Blackjack insurance: Odds say it's almost always a bad bet ...

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Blackjack Rules - Learn How to Play Blackjack in 6 Easy Steps Casino Blackjack: Rules of the Game ... and if he does have Blackjack, your winning Insurance bet will be paid at odds of ... Blackjack did pay 3/2 and dealer hits ... What does "insurance pays 2 to 1" in blackjack really mean ...

Blackjack Online. Just another ... How Does Insurance in Blackjack Work? ... For example, if your original bet was $10 you can pay as much as $5 for insurance.

Yahoo! Blackjack - Never Take Insurance - ED Collins One error I see made repeatedly is the taking of insurance. ... bet (unless you too have a blackjack) but you will win 2 times your insurance bet, ... 2 to 1 that the dealer has a 10 in the hole and if the insurance bet pays only 2 to 1, it is "not fair. Dealing & Hosting a Blackjack Party